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Awards of the collaborative University of Oxford, TU Berlin, and Siemens AG Seed Funding Call

News from Jan 19, 2022

Awards of the collaborative University of Oxford, TU Berlin, and Siemens AG Seed Funding Call

19 January 2022

Modern life gets more and more complex. We increasingly rely on innovative technologies to support our societies, improve manufacturing processes, solve difficult problems, regulate product supply, and much more. Ever new innovations emerge that improve our quality of life and enhance societal functioning. The diversity of perspectives in inter-disciplinary and international research teams is particularly well-suited to deliver solutions to complicated problems.

In a recent trilateral seed funding call between the Siemens AG, TU Berlin, and the University of Oxford, awards have been made to five research teams to develop large-scale collaborative research programmes. The call sought to facilitate interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and project development at the intersection of methods and technologies such as Applied Artificial Intelligence; Simulation and Digital twin; Connectivity, Internet of Things, Sensors, and Edge Computing and fields of application such as Buildings, Cities and Energy Systems;  Industry and Manufacturing; and Mobility and Transport Systems. The chosen projects will re-envision the future of resilient and intelligent EU data systems and applications, adapt automation to build more flexible and resilient factory and lab processes, and pave the way for personalised medicine by tackling the needed changes in pharmaceutical development and production processes.


Awards have been made to five project teams:

Dr Darko Aničič (Siemens Technology), Dr Dan Le Phouc (TUB), Prof Noa Zilberman (UoO Engineering Science Computer Infrastructure Group) focusing on IoT and Edge computing, in particular for smart city and distributed energy systems

Dr Georg von Wichert (Siemens Technology), Prof. Mark Toussiant (TUB), Prof Ioannis Havoutis (UoO Oxford Robotics Institute) focusing on mobile manipulation for agile assembly

Dr Sebastian Albrecht (Siemens Technology) and Stefan Kraus (Siemens Digital Industries), Prof. Peter Neubauer and Dr Marie-Therese Schermeyer (TUB), Prof Mark Cannon / Prof Kostas Margellos (UoO Engineering Science Control Group) and  Prof Brian Marsden (UoO Centre for Medicines Discovery) focusing on orchestrating the Pharmaceutical process development in an automated Biolab

Dr Michael Kaever et al (Siemens Digital Industries), Prof Stark (TUB), Prof Ani Calinescu (UoO Computer Science) focusing on modelling the value of Digital Twins for Manufacturing Systems

Dr Son Tong (Siemens Digital Industries), Profs. Sangyong Park and Dietmar Goehlich (TUB), Prof Konstantinos Gatsis (Engineering Science Control Group) focusing on robust and resilient Digital Twin of Connected Mobility for Safety and Energy Efficiency

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