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The Einstein BUA/Oxford Visiting Fellow Programme Starts With Four Fellows

Oxford University, the Berlin University Alliance and the Einstein Foundation have invested 2m€ in a new fellowship programme to deepen academic links across the Channel. The focus is on two of the biggest challenges of our time: global health and social cohesion.

News from Feb 01, 2023

The “Einstein BUA/Oxford Visiting Fellow” programme will allow top Oxford researchers to bed into the Berlin research landscape over a period of three years. The Fellows will work closely with their German academic counterparts, build working groups and employ post-doctoral students.


The first four Fellows – Peter Rothwell, Tarik Abou-Chadi, Stefano Evangelista and Karen Leeder – cover a wide range of themes: stroke and dementia prevention, research on democracy and political parties, a sweeping re-evaluation of German culture and poetry, and an investigation into literary cosmopolitanism.


The new fellowships recognize the need to go beyond short-term academic exchanges and will support researcher and graduate students to cross disciplines and open up new theoretical and methodological perspectives. 


‘The appointment of four new Einstein Visiting Fellows is a further important step in the development of the Oxford-Berlin Research Partnership, promoting world-class research across a range of disciplines and deepening academic collaboration’. Professors Andrew Hurrell and Cigdem Issever, Academic Co-Directors of the Partnership


‘This collaboration benefits both research and society. We are delighted to deepen  the partnership between these two centres of excellence and pool their individual strengths”Martin Rennert, Chairman of the Board, Einstein Stiftung Berlin


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