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Narges Interview



Narges Panjalipoursangari:
Technische Universität Berlin
Continuum Mechanics and Material Theory 

1. What is your field of research? 

My research focuses on the mechanical characterization of biopolymer-reinforced fungal-based composite materials. This cutting-edge blend of biopolymer matrices and fungal-based reinforcements presents exciting prospects for sustainable and ecologically sound material solutions.

2. Why are you participating in "Berlin is looking for the Sciencefluencer 2024"? 

Participating in "Berlin is looking for the Sciencefluencer 2024" finally allows me to pursue my interest in science communication and share information about my research. I aim to refine my science communication skills and broaden the reach of my research findings. Through active involvement in this program, my goal is to improve the effectiveness of conveying my research, sparking curiosity in scientific subjects, and advocating for equal opportunities while addressing discrimination within academic circles.

3. What challenges do you face when you become a science influencer?

Embracing the role of a science influencer comes with its unique set of challenges. Simplifying complicated scientific concepts into engaging and understandable content requires creativity while maintaining precision. Furthermore, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the information I convey is essential for establishing trust with my audience.

4. What are your most important findings in your particular field of research? 

In my research domain, my pivotal discoveries revolve around gaining an in-depth understanding of the mechanical prowess of biopolymer-reinforced fungal-based composite materials. Through rigorous analysis, I've scrutinized diverse parameters such as tensile strength, flexural strength, impact resistance, and stiffness, unveiling the various applications these materials hold across various industrial sectors.

5. What are your goals for the future? 

In the future, I aim to widely share my research findings, promote environmentally sustainable material solutions, and advocate for equal opportunities in academia. My overarching aim is to make my work accessible to a broader audience, contributing substantively to shaping a more sustainable future. Beyond merely disseminating scientific knowledge, I strive to catalyze societal transformations that foster inclusivity and fairness. The "Kein Einzelfall" podcast and my role as a Sciencefluencer serve as invaluable platforms for spotlighting social and ethical challenges and collaboratively devising solutions.