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Luis Fernando Interview

Luis Fernando

Luis Fernando

Luis Fernando Amato Lourenço:
Freie Universität Berlin
Environmental Engineer, Microplastic researcher

1. What is your field of research? 

My field of research encompasses environmental science with a focus on air pollution, microplastics and their impact in human health and urban ecosystems. 

2. Why are you participating in "Berlin is looking for the Sciencefluencer 2024"? 

I’m participating in “Berlin is looking for the Sciencefluencer 2024” to broaden the reach of my research findings and engage with a global audience interested in environmental issues. It is essential that what is produced in universities reaches the general population more directly and quickly. 

3. What challenges do you face when you become a science influencer? 

I think that the main challenges as a science influencer include effectively communicating complex scientific concepts to diverse audiences and specially combating misinformation. 

4. What are your most important findings in your particular field of research? 

Some of my significant findings include elucidating that microplastics can be present in human lungs and also to show the influence of air pollution on elemental content in vegetables grown in urban gardens in São Paulo. 

5. What are your goals for the future? 

My goals for the future include continuing my research in the environment issues, collaborating with international partners, and advocating for sustainable urban development. 

6. Do you have a funny anecdote from the life of a researcher you can share? 

During my doctorate I was mistaken for an undergraduate student by a professor at the University of São Paulo, who was administering a semester exam. I was walking down the corridor and she called me and asked me to come into the room immediately, claiming that I was late for the exam. I started laughing and couldn't explain that I wasn't an undergraduate. It took a while before I could explain, but the other students had already noticed the situation and were laughing too.