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In order to navigate the German academic system successfully, some background information to the legal structure proves helpful. We gathered links, documents and additional information for you and point out service points, that can advise you further.

Every contract related to research and scientific work follows the rules of the law Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz (Wiss.ZeitVG) in Germany. In March of 2023, the valid version at the time was revised and a draft legislation was published in June 2023 (“Referentenentwurf”). Many scientific institutions and networks stated their opinion regarding the changes proposed, especially since some research groups, such as R2 researchers, i.e. postdocs, are affected by a change in the contractually bound limitation of their postdoc time. Neither the draft legislation from March 2023 nor the revised one published in June 2023 have officially been instated. 

For you we created a concise document that highlights the most important changes proposed in the revised version of June 2023 compared to the currently valid version of the WissZeitVG:


More information and materials coming soon!