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Spotlights on Knowledge Exchange

Online Brochure of the Berlin University Alliance examines Innovative Approaches to Science Communication with Society

News from Jul 26, 2022

How do universities position themselves to institutionally organize and implement knowledge exchange with society? This question is explored in-depth in the brochure “Spotlights on Knowledge Exchange. Innovative institutionalized approaches of science communication and research with society at universities in German.” Twenty profiles of German universities and three profiles of the partner institutions of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA) were examined. The focus is on novel approaches that go beyond public relations measures. The brochure is the result of a background analysis of the Research Forum Berlin Citizens conducted by the BUA. It shows a currently very dynamic, exciting field of work at universities and provides impulses for its further development. A second revised edition is planned for fall 2022 for the profiles of the partner institutions of the Berlin University Alliance.

The publication is now available online: “Spotlights on Knowledge Exchange”

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