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New Employees of the Berlin University Alliance

News from Aug 03, 2022

Markus Will joined the Objective 5: Sharing Resources team as a software architect on August 2, 2022. The IT specialist brings 20 years of professional experience in this field.

Markus Will is responsible for planning the architecture of the SOURCE portal. It bundles the joint infrastructure of the excellence alliance, makes it visible, and serves as a point of entry for users. There they can search for people and services, as well as find out about research centers, central facilities, and teaching materials. Similarly, shared equipment can be booked and contact can be made with experts in research, teaching, and administration.

The Berlin University Alliance has set itself the goal of networking and funding excellent scientific infrastructures of the partner institutions as a basic prerequisite for successful research. To this end, activities in this field are bundled and mutual access to and use of, for example, large-scale equipment, collections, or research data will be simplified.

“Our team is delighted to be able to take Markus Will on board. His expertise is essential for the task of our Objective. With this, we are taking a big step towards realizing the idea of the alliance. Moreover, Markus Will is one of the first colleagues to be hired quickly and easily via the newly established Collaboration Platform of the Berlin University Alliance,” says team leader Dr. Dominika Dolzycka.

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