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Research Forum Berlin Citizens

A basic hypothesis of the Research Forum Berlin Citizens is that the sciences can contribute even better to solving societal challenges if topics from society are raised. It is planned to test and advance this innovative approach here.

Residents of Berlin of different ages and backgrounds can submit suggestions for topics based on their everyday experiences and problems. The Research Forum will offer analog and digital events, interventions in public space, and workshops to first collect research needs of citizens and then develop them into research questions in small transdisciplinary formats together with scientists. The Research Forum supports the formation of networks between residents of Berlin and scientists from the partner institutions.


Wiebke Hahn, Program Manager TD-Lab (Focus on Social Cohesion and Berlin Citizens)
Email: wiebke.hahn@berlin-university-alliance.de

Dr. Ina Opitz, Program Manager TD-Lab (Focus on Berlin Citizens)
Email: ina.opitz@berlin-university-alliance.de