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Critical Diversity Studies in the Postcolonial 21st Century

Maisha Auma is to inaugurate the Audre Lorde guest professorship for Intersectional Diversity Studies at the Berlin University Alliance

News from Nov 02, 2021

Educational scientist and gender researcher Prof. Dr. Maisha M. Auma is the first guest professor at the Berlin University Alliance's Diversity and Gender Equality Network DiGENet. She researches issues that address unevenly distributed social power, privilege structures, and barriers to participation.

In her inaugural lecture on November 4, 2021, from 6 to 8 p.m., inaugurating the guest professorship, she will deal with Audre Lorde's Berlin and critical diversity studies in the postcolonial 21st century.

The inaugural lecture is also the kick-off of the lecture series "Intersectional Diversity Studies. Critical Diversity and Gender Studies in the 21st Century." While Maisha Auma networked and engaged with Berlin stakeholders and the Berlin research environment in the summer semester of 2021, this winter semester will take an international perspective.

The lecture series will examine issues around diversity in research institutions, inclusion, and intersectionality critically and from transnational perspectives. This will include examining how marginalized groups who have little social power participate in the decolonization of white and Western-centered knowledge structures, or how skills in critical diversity enable new didactic framework conditions in undergraduate and graduate teaching.

Prof. Dr. Auma's inaugural lecture will be held digitally and on-site at Technische Universität Berlin and via Zoom. All lectures in the series will be in English and translated into German Sign Language.

YouTube-Link: https://youtu.be/2HrC5riMknw
Zoom-Link: https://tu-berlin.zoom.us/j/63884549808?pwd=VURlRDJpTXJJNXl4N1ZMdU9ISmxlZz09

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