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Support on the path to professorship

Offers for advanced postdocs

Academic Publishing for Postdocs: Strategy and Self-Marketing: This practice-oriented workshop develops the foundations of a successful academic publishing strategy for postdoc scholars. The participants will learn how to assess their research in the context of the scientific publishing market and develop a publication strategy in line with their individual career goals. The workshop covers a wide range of topics, from choosing the most appropriate publication format and applying the most salient selection criteria for target publishers to self-marketing efforts in an impact-oriented academic environment.

Boost your publication profile: This hands-on workshop helps early career scientists to strengthen their scientific publication profile. Participants will learn effective short-term measures to improve the online visibility of their work and the advanced basics of scientific self-marketing, as well as medium- and long-term strategies to specifically increase and diversify their scientific output.

Peer Mentoring for Tenure Track professors: The tenure-track peer mentoring program comes into play: it networks professors with each other and enables them to exchange ideas about the tenure-track professorship career path and to support each other in the face of challenges.

ProFiL. Professionalisation of women in research and teaching: Mentoring – training– networking: Through mentoring, science-specific seminars, and strategic networking, the ProFiL program supports participants for one year in the further planning and development of their careers and prepares them for future leadership and management tasks associated with a professorship in the context of current forms of university governance.

Rahel-Hirsch-programme of Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin: The Rahel-Hirsch-programme promotes young female scientists on their way to becoming professors.

Spot ON - Paths to Professorship | A Podcast by the BUA Postdoc Academy: Ignore the career blueprints and listen to what’s really happening! We talk to professors from the four Berlin universities about their paths to professorship. We want to know: What were the crucial turning points in their career paths? What was particularly important in hindsight? What do they wish they had known earlier, and what would they recommend to postdocs today aspiring to an academic career? Who or what has particularly influenced them? And is it now as they had imagined? Insights, tips, and inspiration available now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, podcast.de, or wherever you like to listen to your podcasts (RSS-Feed)!

The "audition" in front of the appointment committee (humanities and social sciences): The online workshop provides structured preparation for applications for (junior) professorships. Participants receive in-depth information on the individual elements of appointment procedures. Unwritten rules and possible micro-political processes are also discussed. Mental preparation for the application situation, which many experience as very intense, is also taken into account.

Voice as a working tool - compact workshop for a healthy, sustainable and resilient voice in everyday scientific work as a postdoc: Performance: Voice! Presenting, lecturing, introducing yourself - voice training for professionals in all scientific fields. This workshop focuses on a self-confident appearance with a strong voice in the everyday working life of a postdoc. The focus here is on the importance of a healthy and resilient voice as an important working tool in an academic career.