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Offers for postdocs

Support after the PhD

Deep science future. An entry-level workshop for producing a better tomorrow with artificial intelligence: Participants will explore how AI can be used beneficially for society and individuals. The course will provide entry-level methods for evaluating machine learning use cases and guide participants through their first "no-code" implementation.

Grant proposal writing: The course introduces participants to strategies for drafting and writing successful grant proposals to various funding agencies. It consists of lecture-like sequences with active audience participation that focus on extracting the character of a successful project from the official RFP documents, developing a new idea for a research project into an initial work plan, visualizing the structure of the project, aligning the project with the reviewers' expectations, formulating objectives, innovative aspects, and impact, and calculating the budget.

How to get into the (non-academic) German job market! A workshop for international postdocs: For postdoctoral researchers with an international background, it can be a real challenge to get into the (non-academic) German job market at the end of an academic position. The entry routes into jobs are not always transparent, candidates are often not well-informed about what to expect in the application process and not everyone can offer German language skills. This workshop will encourage participants not just to prepare for this transition but to create an action plan which they can implement.

Make your own podcast! Getting started: Have you ever dreamed of discussing and presenting your research in a format that runs more smoothly into a wider audience than scientific conference contributions or journal articles? Then our  "Podcast for Beginners" workshop could be just the thing for you! During the one-day training, Martin Fischer (daselbst.de) a professional podcaster will guide us through all the important steps of podcast production from planning, recording and editing to publishing. 

The search for new and useful ideas: Creativity for postdocs: Creativity is the ability to find novel and useful solutions in a targeted and systematic way. It is a valuable skill for the development of postdocs' careers: whether in the search for new projects, new topics or to solve new challenges for which there is not yet an appropriate solution. But can creativity be specifically influenced? Scientific research today assumes that everyone can be creative - everyone has creative potential. It is essential to develop this potential in practice. This workshop trains creativity. Participants will learn and try out methods that allow new things to emerge. 

Freie Universität Berlin - Dahlem Research School: Dahlem Research School (DRS) is the central institution for young researchers at Freie Universität Berlin. It coordinates a broad range of doctoral programs, advises on all issues related to structured and individual doctoral studies, and offers an inspiring qualification program.

Humbolt-Universität zu Berlin - Humboldt Graduate School: The Humboldt Graduate School is the central institution for the strategic promotion of scientists and scholars in the early career phase at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Technische Universität Berlin - Center for Junior Scholars: The Center for Junior Scholars acts as a kind of pilot for all questions concerning young scientists from the doctoral and postdoc phases to junior professorships or junior research group leadership.

BUA Postdoc Academy: Benefit from a course program specifically tailored to the needs of postdocs. The BUA Postdoc Academy offers courses in the areas of research management, career counselling, self-management, science communication snd much more. Take advantage!