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Step 3: Receive credit points from the Tutorial


Students receive credit points for participating in an X-Tutorial for one semester. The credit points can be credited in the interdisciplinary compulsory elective area (üWP) / in the free elective area / in the compulsory elective area / in the study area General Occupational Preparation (ABV) for both Bachelor's and Master's programs. In addition, for some compulsory elective modules there are blanket crediting decisions at the examination boards.

Upon application to the responsible examination board, there is the possibility of individual crediting in one's own degree program. Possibilities of crediting should be clarified in advance with the responsible examination office. You as a student are responsible for this, i.e. you must contact your responsible examination office yourself.

Module for X-Tutorials

The credit points are credited via the module "Student Research Project - X-Tutorials". The module has a scope of 6 LP and is mapped in the ÜWP area of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Please have a look at the module description for X-Tutorials linked here.

If a two-semester participation in an X-Tutorial is possible, 12 LP can be acquired. Please contact your lecturer in time.

Completion of the module for X-Tutorials

The module is considered successfully completed if all components have been successfully completed. This means that the module is completed without an examination. Successful completion includes active participation, working on a sub-question of the research project (in a small group, if necessary), preparing and presenting the research results according to the tutor's specifications, and a short, written reflection on the research process.

Formal procedure

The tutor confirms the module completion to the students with his/her signature. Three documents have to be handed over to the responsible examination office: (1) certificate for the successful completion of the module with the lecturer's signature, (2) module description as well as (3) project description. You will receive all three documents from your tutor at the end of the semester.