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What does the research funding look like?


  • With the X-Tutorials, the Alliance supports students with a particular interest in research and thus contributes to the early promotion of young academics in the Berlin research area

  • X-Tutorials are collaborative student research projects initiated and carried out by students: Two student project leaders form a team with other students and do research on a topic of their interest.

  • Students who would like to carry out an X-Tutorial can apply for funding in tandem. Both will receive a research scholarship (550 euros/month) for academic qualification over a period of 12 months. Accordingly, they will carry out the X-Tutorial in two consecutive semesters. In exceptional cases, however, an X-Tutorial can also be applied for and carried out alone, i.e. without a tandem

  • On top of that, candidates can apply for research-relevant material or travel resources up to a maximum of 750 euro.

  • In order to prepare the student project leaders for their task, they take part in a research didactic qualification program.

  • The Berlin University Alliance sponsors up to 8 X-Tutorials per call for proposals.