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What does the research funding look like?


  • Using the format of the X-Student Research Groups, the Berlin University Alliance supports research projects in which junior researchers and students conduct joint research.
  • In order to run an X-Student Research Groupp, the junior researchers receive a teaching assignment of 35 hours from the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. The X-Student Research Group will be held as a course at the institution where the project is tinstitutionally affiliated. The teaching assignment runs for one semester, with the possibility of an extension for another semester. Depending on budgetary or personnel regulations, it may be possible to award material resources instead of a teaching assignment.
  • On top of that, candidates can apply for research-relevant material or travel funds up to a maximum of 750 euro.
  • In order to prepare the junior researchers for their assignment, they are also invited to participate in a teaching qualification program whose main focus is on the management of research groups.
  • The Berlin University Alliance sponsors up to 16 X-Student Research Groups per call for proposals.