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OX|BER Cooperation Groups

The OX|BER Cooperation Groups formed in 2020 strengthen the existing research partnership between the University of Oxford and the four partner institutions of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA) and provides support to outstanding researchers. For the period 2020-2023, the Berlin University Alliance is releasing more than 1.1 million euros in funding to support thematically oriented, inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation groups.

As part of the funded cooperation groups, up to 12 fellows from Oxford and Berlin (and beyond) are conducting joint research in flexible academic structures covering, among other things, topics from the Grand Challenge Initiatives and strategic objective areas of the partnership in inter- and transdisciplinary formats.

This is a flexible funding model for smaller groups that meet up for several short- to medium-term research visits or block visits. The funds are allocated for the establishment of a broad, overarching cooperation group under the respective thematic umbrella of the current call for proposals. The format of the cooperation group has been designed to offer organisational flexibility with regard to formats, structure, and working methods. The precise structure and modus operandi are at the discretion of the group members.

Project format

Funding may be provided in the following cases (depending on the details of the respective call for proposals) e.g.

  • Intensive cooperation of two to three PIs over several weeks
  • Collaboration of a larger group of researchers (approx. 12) for several months or up to 24 months
  • Guest visits of individual researchers or a group of visiting fellows
  • Employment of research assistants based in Berlin
  • Commissioning of field work (with “contracts for work and services”)
  • A certain number of workshops that contribute to the main research activity

General funding criteria, content details, and explanations on the application process can be found in the corresponding call for proposals.

Supported cooperation groups

Cooperation Groups Global Health (2021) 

Cooperation Groups Social Cohesion (2020)