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The Brussels office of the BUA

The Berlin University Alliance has an office in Brussels, currently staffed with one EU-Policy and Liaison Officer. On the one hand, it serves as support to the services that are made available to researchers in Berlin. On the other hand, the Knowledge Exchange with actors in Brussels is to be established and expanded. Thirdly, it serves to integrate EU topics better within the BUA.

The office cooperates closely with the advice structures for EU research funding of the four network partners. Support for individual EU-projects is provided by them.

Freie Universität Berlin:
Victoria Abakumovskikh, Email: victoria.abakumovskikh@fu-berlin.de 

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin:
Dr. Caroline Schleier, Email: eu.forschung@hu-berlin.de 

Technische Universität Berlin:
Dr. Silke Köster-Riemann, Email: silke.koester-riemann@tu-berlin.de 

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin:
Mara-Theresa Klein, Email: eu-buero@charite.de 

In close cooperation with the EU officers of the four network partners, the Brussels office provides content in the preparatory work for funding applications, for example by acquiring and conveying information on research policy backgrounds, specific relevant topics or by conveying information as early as possible.

In Brussels, the office is in contact with various actors and the relevant EU institutions. An important cooperation partner is the network of university representatives in Brussels "UnILiON" (University Informal Liaison Network). The representatives of around 50 Brussels offices, each representing one or more universities in Brussels, regularly exchange information on an informal basis. In addition to the annual conference, events are continuously organized on current topics.

The exchange in and with Brussels enables scientists who already have EU experience, to gain a strategic head start for their applications and provides them with additional in-depth knowledge. For researchers who are at the beginning of their EU careers, the Brussels office can, for example, explain the advantages and special features of EU research funding as part of further training courses in Brussels.

A conference room is also available on request for researchers of the Alliance partners, which can be used for meetings, information events and representative events, etc. It is equipped for around 25 people, and a projector, Internet connection / W-LAN and flipchart are available. If necessary, a larger room can be made available under certain circumstances. The BUA's Brussels-office is located in the same building as, for example, the "KoWi", Kooperationsstelle EU der Wissenschaftsorganisationen and the DLR-Projektträger.

For the Alliance and its partners, the Brussels office serves to monitor current European developments in a timely manner and to incorporate this information into the development and mode of its operation.