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FAQ – BCGE Call Signature Projects

In the call for proposals, we do not define the ‘Global South’ not as a strictly delineated geographical area, but as a term that challenges existing hierarchies in science production. The ‘Global South’ includes countries that occupy a marginalized position in global science production. The DFG list of developing countries can serve as orientation (https://www.dfg.de/download/pdf/foerderung/internationales/entwicklungslaender/entwicklungslaender_liste.pdf). However, the BCGE is open to other countries/regions. It is advisable to justify in the application why a country or partner belongs to the ‘Global South’ from the applicant's point of view or why it strengthens the cooperation of the Berlin University Alliance with the ‘Global South’.

Professors and post-doctoral researchers at the Berlin University Alliance are eligible to apply. The call for proposals is explicitly addressed to researchers of all disciplines. Participation of at least two of the four partner institutions of the Berlin University Alliance is mandatory. Doctoral candidates are not eligible to apply.

No. Due to the nature of the call for proposals, collaboration projects that have already received start-up funding under the BCGE are particularly suitable for funding. Funding is also available for new projects, provided they sufficiently serve the funding objectives. Applications should generally be submitted by a group of applicants who are members of at least two partner institutions of the Berlin University Alliance.

Third parties, i.e., persons who are not members of a Berlin University Alliance partner, may act as co-applicants, but without being entitled to funding. Anyone who has an employment contract with a partner institution of the Berlin University Alliance (defined by an employment contract with 50 percent of the working hours or more) is regarded as a member of a partner institution.

In addition, it is desired to name further external cooperation partners. It is possible to place orders externally within the framework of the allocation guidelines for budgetary funds of the respective partner institution. These are to be accounted for as full costs.

Yes, participating applicants from the ‘Global South’ can apply for travel and accommodation. Other project related costs such as personnel costs at the respective institutions can not be covered.

Funding is provided as university budgetary funds (‘Haushaltsmittel’). As such, the state budgetary regulations and guidelines of the Alliance's institutions apply.

Funding is provided for projects with material and personnel resources (for example student assistants), as well as investment funds (excluding construction costs) in accordance with budgetary law and BUA institution’s regulations.

Typical expenditure should be travel and accommodation, costs for workshops, establishing digital activities, and personnel costs. For further, details see the call text on ‘Eligible Measures’.

Approved funds are generally tied to the budget year according to the funded project period. Carryover of funds to the following year must be requested from the Alliance administrative office (‘Geschäftsstelle’) by September 1 of the current year and should not exceed 20 percent. Similarly, by September 1 of the year, funds that are not needed must be reported to the administrative office.

No, in this call, partnership with the ‘Global South’ is not mandatory, but desirable. A thematic specialization may also focus on science diplomacy and/or science freedom.

Yes, if the project starts on or after July 1, 2022, and ends prior to or on June 30, 2024 or 2025.

Yes, participating applicants can apply for travel and accommodation funds to Berlin (only). (This is usually done through guest invitations from a BUA partner.)

Under certain circumstances, which must be discussed in advance with the respective institution, travel costs for project partners can be supported otherwise.

Within all applications, a long-term perspective within the Alliance or outside must be formulated. Within the Berlin Center for Global Engagement (BCGE), there will be no follow-up funding.

Yes, a project lead applicant must always be designated.

Applications may only be submitted in English, online via the BIH portal: https://portal.bihealth.de/portal

The deadline for submission is February 1, 2022 at 2 pm.

Projects will have to submit a final report. If a third year of funding is applied for, the project will be evaluated against the stated interim objectives. The BCGE reserves the right to request additional documents in connection with the above interim objectives.

Yes. All applicants must inform their corresponding dean’s offices and administrative departments (for BUA ‘Stabsstelle’). For the BUA applicants, please use the ‘Anzeigebögen für Projekte der Berlin University Alliance‘ provided on the call website.

The BCGE can strategically flank the project, e.g. as part of the acquisition of third-party funding or at events, and support with public relations measures within the framework of the BUA as well as with knowledge transfer. The BCGE regularly sends out bulletins, organizes the BCGE podcast Meridian and presents projects at conferences. The projects can also benefit from BCGE trainings.

No. It is possible to employ “Other staff members” and student assistants. Please refer to the BUA personnel cost rates. Applicants are responsible for providing premises, etc.

The project lead with the respective institution of the BUA-partner.