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iStock Innovation in Krisenzeiten_gek

iStock Innovation in Krisenzeiten_gek

Next Grand Challenge

Through a collaborative process of participants from academia and society, the Berlin University Alliance sought and found the theme for its Next Grand Challenge. The Board of Directors has selected the final theme for the Next Grand Challenge:

"Responsible Innovation in Times of Transformation"

In times of overlapping and interlocking transformations (e.g. climate, health, energy, migration), society is facing complex change. In addition to the creation of sustainable innovations (techniques, processes, ways of life, etc.), the accompanying research of transformation processes for noticeable changes and successful renewals in society is of great importance in order to cope with these challenges and conflicts.

It is necessary to find answers in this research field: Which innovations lead to sustainable solutions? How can change in society be made shapeable? How can communication be used to make people aware of the need for transformation? How can people be supported in implementing initially drastic decisions or in reducing rejections in transformation processes? And how can people be involved on an equal footing? At the interface between science and society, transfer can be shaped cooperatively.

Over the next few years, researchers from BUA's partners will explore and develop interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary solutions to all of these questions.

The Berlin University Alliance would like to thank all those involved in the topic identification process.