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Who can apply for an Exploration Project?

All postdoctoral researchers who are members of the Berlin University Alliance (cf. DFG guidelines). Applying postdoctoral researchers are required to provide proof of academic independence according to relevant programs (e.g. Junior research group leader, Emmy Noether groups, etc.) or the criteria of their discipline (e.g. junior research group leader, Emmy Noether Groups, etc.). Suitable evidence and explanations must be submitted.

Visiting professors are not eligible to apply. Joint appointments and professors on fixed-term contracts, however, are eligible. A valid employment contract of at least 50% with a partner institution is decisive for eligibility.

Financing of an applicant’s position must be guaranteed for the entire duration of the project (by means of a contract). If the employment contract is not guaranteed until the expected end of the project, a letter from the head of the institute or the dean's office can be enclosed regarding the effort to enable this person to be employed until the end of the project. As the goal is to develop longterm perspectives, the majority of applicants should be employed on a permanent basis.