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Development and evaluation of an intervention to improve inclusion of underrepresented groups to increase diversity and gender equality in research, teaching, and health care in university medicine and the life sciences

Dr. Pichit Buspavanich

Dr. Pichit Buspavanich
Image Credit: https://gender.charite.de/metas/person/person/address_detail/dr_med_pichit_buspavanich-1/

Research Group Leader: Dr. Pichit Buspavanich, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

How did I become involved in diversity research?

Diversity is not only a scientific topic for me, but also a personal priority and a key focus. My academic career and my clinical work in psychiatry, psychotherapy and sexual medicine have led me deeper into the topic of diversity. Working with patients from different backgrounds and identities has encouraged me to focus more on the challenges and needs of marginalised groups. From my perspective, diversity is not only an ethical obligation and social reality, but also a valuable potential for science and medical research. If we include people's different experiences and perspectives, we can gain new insights and approaches to solving complex problems and better address the specific needs of all people.


Dr. Pichit Buspavanich is a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy. He heads a junior research group on "Diversity and Gender in Medicine" at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin. His research focuses on mental health and the development of interventions for marginalised groups. In the university outpatient clinic of the Institute of Sexual Sciences and Sexual Medicine, he offers an innovative concept in which people with gender dysphoria can exchange information in a group-dynamic process. Peer-to-peer effects are explicitly used to establish the promotion of self-acceptance, the support of identity development and the reflection and processing of possible experiences and conflicts in a different gender role. He is also a member of the committee that developed the current S3 guideline on gender incongruence and trans* health.

Contact: pichit.buspavanich@charite.de