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Electron- and Ion-Nanooptics group


The focus of the working group is on the development of methods for (scanning) transmission electron microscopy (S/TEM), in particular using the phase of the electron wave. We mostly apply our methods to current scientific questions in solid state physics and materials science. For example, we investigate the atomic structure of solids and materials using aberration-corrected HRTEM and HAADF-STEM. Electric potentials and distortion fields in semiconductor heterostructures are determined on the nanometer scale using electron holography and 4D-STEM methods. Time-resolved electron holography gives us access to the imaging of dynamic periodic processes in electrically switchable devices on the time scale around 10 ns. For our research, we utilize the FEI Titan 80-300 Berlin Holography TEM (80 - 300 kV) and the JEOL GrandARM2 S/TEM (60 - 300 kV), conventional cross-section preparation, and, in collaboration with ZELMI, preparation using the Focused Ion Beam (FIB).

Institute of Optics and Atomic Physics, Electron- and Ion-Nanooptics