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Structure Research and Electron Microscopy group


The Structural Research and Electron Microscopy Group (AG SEM) at the Department of Physics and the Center for the Science of Materials (CSMB) of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin focuses its research activities on the characterization of the atomic and electronic structure of materials. For this purpose, the working group operates three transmission electron microscopes (TEMs) and a scanning electron microscope (SEM), which cover a wide range of possible methods. The investigations carried out by the SEM group enable a spatial resolution of less than 0.5 Ångtröms, a spectral resolution of less than 6 millielectronvolts or a time resolution close to 100 femtoseconds and are sensitive to many different material aspects, such as electric and magnetic fields, the natural oscillations of different arrangements of atoms or plasmons on the surface of nanostructures, but also mechanical stresses or the band structure of solids. Together with non-university research institutions such as the HZB, the FHI or the IKZ, the AG SEM operates the Berlin-Adlershof Center for Advanced Microscopy (BeAM), where further complementary electron microscopes are operated under one roof.

Institute of Physics, Structure Research and Electron Microscopy group