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Six seminars and training sessions on issues of specific interest to academics complement the participants' promotion via mentoring. The seminars support the women scholars in planning their careers and preparing for future appointment procedures.

Participants obtain more profound knowledge about leadership and management tasks associated with a professorship, they get to know professional leadership techniques and develop their strategic competence. Further important topics are the challenges of reform processes and current forms of higher education management, opportunities to influence higher education policy and the acquisition of third-party funding.

Round table discussions with experts from universities, scientific organisations and other relevant institutions are an integral part of the seminars in order to enhance the transfer of experience and knowledge as well as networking.

Potential Analysis and Career Planning (2 Days)

  • Qualification requirements in higher education
  • Analysis of strengths, weaknesses and potential
  • Specification of goals and career planning

Appoinment Procedures in Germany (3 Days)

  • Appointment procedures: Formal procedures and informal processes
  • Application strategies and training
  • Communication and self-marketing

Leadership Demands in Academia (3 Days)

  • Leadership demands of a professorship
  • Leadership styles and instruments
  • Conflict management

Higher Education Management and Higher Education Policy (2,5 Days)

  • New Public Management – New models of higher education management
  • Strategic management – New governance techniques
  • Strategy development and implementation

Acquisition of Third-Party Funding (1 Day)

  • The system of research funding
  • Funding organisations and their funding priorities
  • Funding procedures and criteria for approval
  • Success factors in acquisition of third-party funding

Appointment Procedures in Selected International Higher Education Systems (2 Days)

  • Personnel structures and appointment procedures in different countries
  • Application strategies, application documents and preparation for the hearing
  • Dealing with different negotiation cultures