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Goals with Regard to the Participants

  • Promoting the academic careers of German and international scholars based at the cooperating universities and Charité
  • Strengthening the participants’ career motivation and enhancing their career planning
  • Preparation for appointment procedures in Germany and in selected international higher education systems
  • Communicating leadership and management requirements of a professorship as well as professional leadership techniques
  • Broadening the participants' knowledge about current forms of instruments of higher education management
  • Informing about opportunities to take part in decision making processes and encouraging a readiness to engage in academic self-administration
  • Extending knowledge of the research funding system and success factors for third-party fundraising
  • Promoting the integration into the ProFiL Network and strengthening networking within the scientific community and with other relevant areas


Goals with Regard to the Universities

  • Making better use of the potential of high-achieving women scholars and increasing the share of women holding a professorship
  • Improving the career conditions of women scholars and increasing the attractiveness of the cooperating universities for young women researchers
  • Sensitising for gender-specific career barriers and supporting a cultural shift
  • Supporting the internationalisation and diversity strategies of the Berlin University Alliance by implementing an English programme line