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The creation of networks is a key strategy and a focus of the ProFiL Programme. The ProFiL network was established to promote networking and to exchange and to facilitate the exploration of opportunities for cooperation through:

  • Events with round table discussions and "networking dinner"
  • Annual network conference
  • Informal personal contacts and virtual forms of communication

In view of the comprehensive reform processes in the higher education system, it is a special concern of the ProFiL network to intensify the dialogue and exchange of experiences with leaders from academia and politics. Therefore, leaders from relevant fields are invited to discuss future requirements and innovative reform models for higher education and the science system from a broader perspective.

The ProFiL network constitutes a support structure and a forum that enables interaction between new participants and alumnae of the programme.

ProFiL-Netzwerkverein e.V.

In 2013, ProFiL alumnae and the head of the ProFiL Programme have founded the ProFiL Network Association (ProFiL-Netzwerkverein). The Association is a non-profit organisation. It promotes gender equality in academia and the equal access of women to professorships and other academic leadership positions. The aim of the ProFiL Network Association is to contribute to the development of a non-discriminatory academic culture and to raise awareness of the compatibility of work and family in academia. In this sense, the Association is committed to excellence and equality-oriented leadership development in academia. The prerequisite for membership in the ProFiL Network Association is previous, current or future participation in the ProFiL Programme and a willingness to support the goals of the association.