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Prerequisites for Mentees

For mentees, a pronounced willingness to develop and learn, a proactive attitude and a positive understanding of one's own role as both a learner and a (future) leader in higher education are decisive prerequisites for establishing a successful mentoring partnership. The following briefly outlines mentees’ tasks and offers some recommendations for a successful mentoring relationship.

Mentoring in Practice

  • At the outset you should reflect and clarify your own expectations, consultation topics and goals concerning the mentoring – all of which should be concrete and realistically achievable. Adjust your expectations, topics and goals according to the expectations and the possibilities of support that your mentor can provide.
  • Make arrangements with regard to frequency, duration and form of contact as well as the confidentiality of discussions, bearing in mind your and the mentor's limited time resources. This will create a clear mutual basis of understanding and avoid unnecessary frustration.
  • Get actively involved in the development of a trusting relationship. Speak openly about your current situation and your professional goals. Include into discussion your problems and areas of concern.
  • Prepare personal meetings with your mentor or your peers carefully. Agree prior to the meeting upon concrete topics that you would like to discuss.
  • Use your mentor’s or your peers’ experience and knowledge. Explicitly ask for advice and feedback on your academic profile, your self-presentation and the presentation of your achievements, your competencies and on how you may best plan your career.
  • Respect other perspectives, positions and approaches. Reflect on these and use them for developing new options and strategies of action.
  • Give concrete feedback to your mentor or your peers with regard to the results and the impact of the discussions. Explicitly communicate your appreciation and gratitude for the support. By doing this, you will increase motivation and consolidate your mentoring partnership.