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More time for excellent research

The Berlin University Alliance invites Postdocs from its member institutions to apply for a research semester

News from Jun 03, 2021

Through the new funding scheme “Career Development Awards”, the Berlin University Alliance (BUA) is establishing an attractive opportunity for postdoctoral researchers within the Alliance. They are granted a six-month period of paid academic leave. Relieved of institutional duties such as teaching, awardees can put all of their focus and energy into a research project of their own choosing. The deadline for applications for the fall term is July 8, 2021.

Time, freedom, and a change of perspective – these are usually lacking in everyday research. This is where the award comes in: Recipients of the “Career Development Award” are granted a leave of absence for the research semester with continued payment of their salary. Since the goal of this unique funding scheme is to promote the advancement of excellent early-career researchers, the research pursued should have the potential to boost the applicant’s chances in the job market. Postdoctoral researchers from all disciplines are invited to apply.

The “Career Development Awards” scheme falls under Objective 4: Promoting Talent.

More information can be found on the “Career Development Awards” website

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