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Offers for the middle phase of the doctorate

Crisis management - resilience and inner stability during the doctorate: The Corona crisis required various changes and adjustments to the doctoral work. In order to optimize the change processes, the Humboldt Graduate School offers a workshop on resilience and crisis management followed by group coaching, where the workshop topics can be deepened with the trainer.

How to give a talk: In this interactive workshop, participants practice presenting in a small group. In addition, this course offers the opportunity for interactive reflection and peer exchange. The language of instruction and presentation is English.

Preparing Funding Applications: This workshop supports participants in learning how to adequately prepare their own successful applications for scholarships, travel grants and research funding (both in Germany and beyond).

Research Integrity: The training aims to foster the internalization of the principles of European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity and strives to facilitate the cultivation of scientific virtues among researchers. The program consists of an introduction to the concepts of research integrity, moral conflicts and dilemmas, values and norms, and is enhanced by discussions and interactive exercises.

Research Integrity: Introduction to Data Management in Humanities and Social Sciences: Digital research data are generated or collected in almost every research project. Researchers are faced with the challenge of not only managing and documenting these data, but also preserving them and making them available for reuse. The workshop offers a general introduction to the various aspects of research data management.

Statistics with SPSS: Sooner or later, (almost) every doctoral thesis involves statistics. In the course, participants review the most important statistical basics as well as the execution and interpretation of the most important statistical tests in SPSS.