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Offers for the final phase of the doctorate and for transition to postdoc

Career Development: Creating a Career Profile: Talking About Skills and Strengths: In this workshop, participants learn how to create a profile that shows where strengths lie and practise talking about strengths and skills.

Efficient and (plagiarism-)safe handling of academic literature - in German: Good scientific practice does not start with checking a manuscript for problematic passages, but already with reading and editing other people's texts. In this workshop, you can therefore check your handling of technical literature from the very beginning and expand your strategies for efficiently reading and editing research texts and using them (plagiarism-) safely for your own texts.

How to write a paper: In this tutorial, participants will learn how best to write a paper, what things are important to keep in mind, and how to stay as motivated as possible.

Podcasting for university teaching and science communication - in German: A large part of online teaching and science communication is in video format. The increasingly popular science podcasts show that an astonishing amount of scientific content can also be conveyed via audio-only formats, with considerably less production effort. In this course, participants learn the didactic and technical aspects of the audio format and will then be able to use this exciting media format.

Scientific Writing: After attending this course, you will be familiar with the requirements of an English language academic text. You will be a step closer to producing well-written research and getting it published. Furthermore, using all the tools and techniques discussed over the two days, you will be more confident in your ability to write readable scientific English, know how to avoid common mistakes and appreciate what support is available. Overall, you will have a better understanding of the writing and publishing process.

Strategies for academic writing (humanities & social sciences) - in German: This workshop is aimed at doctoral students in the humanities and social sciences who are in the process of writing their doctoral thesis or would like to start writing soon. The aim is to provide strategies for drafting texts in a more targeted way and to avoid typical writing pitfalls.

Writing Week 2024: Book an entire week to learn about Self-management for the scientific writing process, discuss about procrastination and just write – alone and in tandems! Use the opportunity to establish writing groups.