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Offers for the final phase of the doctorate and for transition to postdoc

Efficient and (plagiarism-)safe handling of academic literature: Good scientific practice does not start with checking a manuscript for problematic passages, but already with reading and editing other people's texts. In this workshop, you can therefore check your handling of technical literature from the very beginning and expand your strategies for efficiently reading and editing research texts and using them (plagiarism-) safely for your own texts.

Guide to industry and business - two important steps towards a mature application: Anyone embarking on a new career path needs guidance in order to achieve their own goals in a way that conserves resources. In this training course, participants receive relevant information for their next application and individual tips for personal implementation.

How to write a paper: In this tutorial, participants will learn how best to write a paper, what things are important to keep in mind, and how to stay as motivated as possible.

Optimize your writing productivity: The course teaches techniques that make it possible to write efficiently and with ease. Participants learn to dissolve writing blocks. They develop individual action plans to sustainably improve self-management and writing productivity.