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How to Live Together? Circulations, Practices and Spaces in Indian Contexts

Sep 28, 2021 - Sep 30, 2021

International digital conference

The conference is organized by the project "Beyond social cohesion – Global repertoires of living together (RePLITO)", which is funded by the Berlin University Alliance as part of the Grand Challenge Initiative Social Cohesion.

The manner in which diverse circulations including that of bodies, objects, ideas and cultural material have historically shaped social spaces in South Asia has been a topic of scholarly discussion. Is it possible to use this understanding of circulation to make sense of the situation in contemporary India where under a competitive authoritarian regime specific networks create proliferations around divisivenotions of identity that mark certain sections of the population as outgroups? If so, what circulatory possibilities exist in terms of repertoires of living together that can create different kinds of proliferations to provide frameworks for peaceful coexistence?

The conference will focus on these questions and will engage with existing formations, movements and networks in India whose work contain such possibilities. Discussions will link the work of such initiatives with the academic debates around circulation, practices and emerging spaces in India.

Free conference registration opens on August 8, 2021 and closes on September 18, 2021. If you wish to register for this conference, please send a message to fritzi.titzmann@hu-berlin.de. The zoom invitation link will be shared with all participants shortly before the conference.

For more information, visit the RePLITO website, the Gender and Media Studies for the South Asian Region website, and the conference brochure.