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Questions about the qualification program


When does the qualification program take place and how long is it?

Before the start of the semester, the qualification program begins with a kick-off meeting to clarify organizational questions and a two-day workshop on research-based learning and to prepare the research didactic implementation of your project. During the semester, there will be two further meetings to discuss didactic issues and to prepare for the end of the semester. The semester ends with a final workshop in which the results of the projects are briefly presented and reflected upon.

Where does the qualification program take place?

The qualification program takes place digitally and on the premises of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in Berlin Mitte.

Is participation in the research didactic qualification program mandatory?

No, but participation is recommended. Conducting and leading a research project is a new task for students. The workshops serve to prepare the student project leaders for this task in the best possible way and to support them in all interdisciplinary questions. The workshops serve to further qualify the scholarship holders for a possible academic career in research and teaching following their studies.