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Questions about material and travel resources for the X-Tutorial


Is the maximum EUR 750 in material or travel resources valid for one or two semesters?

You can only apply for up to 750 euros once in your proposal. If additional funds become necessary during the course of the project, you can calculate and apply for these at a later date. Depending on the availability of funds, additional funds may be approved after review by the StuROPx Coordination Office.

How detailed does the cost calculation for the material and travel resources have to be?

The calculation does not necessarily have to be very detailed. However, it must be plausible. Both the StuROPx coordination office and the reviewers must be able to understand what you need which funds for and why.

Can the material and travel resources also be used for conference attendance?

Yes, but it would be nice if you could attend the conference together with a group of students.

Are the material and travel resources to be understood as a lump sum?

No, the material and travel funds are not provided to the projects as a lump sum. When applying for the X-Tutorial as part of the Call for Proposals, a certain amount is calculated and applied for. It is this amount that is available.

How are the material and travel resources accounted for?

How material and travel resources are accounted for in StuROPx is discussed as part of the qualification program. There is also an intranet set up specifically for this purpose, which is intended to help student project leaders to spend and account for their funds.