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Questions about conducting the X-Tutorial


Do I have to take care of the entry in the course catalog in advance?

No, the funded X-Tutorials are visible in the course catalog. The entry is made by the BUA Office for Teaching and Learning. Interested students can find out here whether the X-Tutorial is offered as a research tutorial and whether they can earn credit points for it. The X-Tutorials are announced centrally in the BUA teaching section of the university offering the X-Tutorial; they are not assigned to a degree program. Successful applicants will receive further information on this in the funding information.

How can I book a room for my X-Tutorial?

To book a room, please contact the institute/department to which your X-Tutorial is institutionally affiliated. The professor who signed the institutional affiliation form can assist you here. The subject-specific supervisor of your Y-Tutorial has also guaranteed support in this regard by signing the supervision agreement.

In any case, it is important that you tackle the issue of booking rooms or laboratory space at an early stage, i.e. ideally as soon as you have received your funding information.

How can I set up a course on a learning platform for my X-Tutorial?

The use of a learning platform can be helpful for collaborative work within student research projects. Please use the platform that is used at the university to which your X-Tutorial is institutionally linked (Moodle, Isis-Moodle or Blackbord). To set up a course, you may need support from the institute/department to which your X-Tutorial is institutionally linked. Students involved in the research project who are enrolled at another affiliated institution can register as BUA students and then also have access to this platform.

Can X-Tutorials also be conducted digitally?

Whether you conduct the X-Tutorial digitally, in presence or in a hybrid format, you decide yourself according to your project and research didactic concept for the collaborative research project.