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TransformA - Reimaging Aderlshof as a sustainable campus

Camilla Geiger, David Verdugo-Raab, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Geographie 


Calls for transformations towards a sustainable future are growing louder. Universities are drivers of transformation research but have only recently been also understood as places where this needs to be implemented. Participants of this X Tutorial will be working in small groups on the question of what a sustainable Adlershof campus would look like and how action research projects can contribute to the university's ecological transition. After a series of keynote lectures about sustainability transformations by internal and external speakers, students will co-create solutions using design thinking. As the final product participants will produce a project report for the University and posters, which they will present. Thus, this X-Tutorial contributes to the research agenda of universities as places of sustainability transformations and advances the implementation of Humboldt University's climate neutrality strategy.  The tutorial will be held weekly (days, times and location will be published shortly). While the keynotes will mostly be in English participants can choose the working language during group work. 

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Prof. Dr. Dagmar Haase



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