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Common Waste - Common Resource

Dali Dardzhaniya, Stefan Dorn, Arina Rahma, Technische Universität Berlin, Architektur 


While our concept of WASTE keeps human systems tidy, its treatment illustrates human and interspecies hierarchies globally. To become a tradeable energy source, waste undergoes massive speculation and irreversible physical transformation of its fraction of organic carbon, an element essential to Life. We investigate the possibility of reconfiguring the Organic Waste System by returning Waste to its local trajectory. With the assistance of ever- present bacterial, fungal, plant and animal citizens, urban neighborhoods hold an opportunity for us to re(dis)cover our own role in nature’s metabolism. What would that mean in Berlin? Together through transdisciplinary, independent, curiosity-driven learning, we will nurture our sensibility towards the natural motion of organic matter. We call on all curious MA- students of all disciplines to join us in this open-ended, collective learning process with methodology inspired by think tanks, critical journalism, microbiology and art collectives. For more info visit tusca7.org 

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Prof. Dr. Jörg Stollmann



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