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Writing (the Self in) Poetry: Negotiating Solitude and Finding Community in English Poetry

Anna-Maria Kluge, Emma Steinbach, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Anglistik und Amerikanistik 


Where do you encounter poetry in your everyday life? Have you ever felt that a poem captures exactly what you’re feeling? Have you ever written a poem yourself? Are you interested in the mechanics of writing poetry? 

This summer, we want to explore the negotiation of solitude and finding community in and through English Poetry. We will travel through the centuries as we look at fascinating fields such as Romantic and Victorian poetry, eco-, queer and political poetry and postcolonial poetry, along with the corresponding literary theories. Together, we want to jump into the deep end of writing (the self in) English poetry. 

Writing and editing poems together will be the main focus of this tutorial, alongside reading poetry and literary theory. Let’s come into touch with poetry first hand and perhaps be surprised at the poetic talent we never knew we had. Do not fret if you have never studied poetry before – everything you need will be provided. Join us in our poetic endeavours this summer: read poetry, write poetry, experience poetry.

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Prof. Dr. phil Helga Schwalm



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