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Religiosity in the 'Capital City of Atheism' – Exploring Sacred Spaces and Identity in Berlin

Amrithaa Gunabalan, Freie Universität Berlin, Soziologie 


This course seeks to assess the extent to which religion intersects with other areas of public life in Berlin, by exploring the construction and evolution of sacred spaces in the city. Employing theories from sociology, anthropology, history, and religious studies, we will identify sacred spaces, document their histories, analyze the forces that inspired their evolutions, and characterize their religious and non-religious identities and roles. This course is best suited for students of anthropology, cultural studies, geography, history, urban studies, political science, sociology, and other disciplines by request. The first meeting will be held at the FU (Garystraße 55) on Thursday, April 20 at 16:00 in Room 55-302b. 

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Prof. Dr. Dieter Ohr



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