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Applying Ecofeminism: A Collective and Interdisciplinary Approach

Andrea Volken, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Anglistik und Amerikanistik


Ecofeminism, a political philosophy that encompasses human's relationship to nature as it pertains to gender and, relatedly, systems of oppression, is a theory at the forefront of relevance as the climate crisis, social and environmental justice issues, and the many intersections that come with these topics have never been more pressing. In this research project, the principles of undoing ideologies of domination will be integrated into the coursework, influencing the current conversation on ecofeminism.  This project's research questions are:  How can our fields of study apply ecofeminist theory to facilitate a more just and sustainable path forward? How can we connect these paths to create activist dialogue and cooperation across academia? And how can we utilize these efforts to develop even more diverse approaches in current ecofeminist narratives? We will start with the fundamentals of ecofeminism, then build a lesson plan according to the group's interests. Our three-pronged approach is paramount: individual research, connecting with others in the group and moving ecofeminist conversation forward: in academia and beyond. Possible research avenues include (but are not limited to) feminist political ecology, ecosocialism, queer ecology, ecofeminist film analysis, ecofeminist pedagogy, vegan studies, and more!  This X-Tutorial is open to both BA and MA students of all study areas and will be conducted in English. A basic level of comfort working with theory is recommended.

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Prof. Dr. Anne Enderwitz



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