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Reconstructing the change, Designing a toolbox of strategies

Tutor: Mahshid Balazadeh, Technische Universität Berlin

Institutional affiliation: Prof. Dr. Angela Million, Institut für Stadt- und Regionalplanung, Technische Universität Berlin

In this research project, we will identify and examine historical patterns of housing typologies in the old neighborhood of Emamzadeh Yahya in Tehran. With its 130-year history, it is characterized by a large number of old buildings as well as traditional forms of housing typologies. The neighborhood features a variety of mixed-use space types ranging from residential/warehouse to residential/retail to housing/workshop. The particular nature of the area provides us with a rich context for a critical examination of a developing neighborhood. By studying the plans and floor plans of various buildings, the aim is to examine the physical changes in urban housing and thus to show different typologies of spatial development. Together with the students, we will apply the transdisciplinary approach of urbanism as well as typological and graphic analysis methods.

The seminar is aimed at advanced bachelor's and master's students of historical urbanism, urban planning, landscape architecture, architectural typology, architectural restoration, civil engineers, political science, sociology, history, and cultural studies as well as students of geography and urban economics and others Disciplines by arrangement.

Hybrid format with the first online session: https://tu-berlin.zoom.us/j/69242995826?pwd=Q01rMTFwN1lQUTJxTTBOZDlvL3RJUT09
For registration and more information: balazadehzanjian@campus.tu-berlin.de 

Course language: English
Schedule: Tuesday 

Contact: balazadehzanjian@campus.tu-berlin.de