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Forms of Convergence - Innovation Inspired by Nature

Felix Rasehorn, Lennart Eigen, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Lebenswissenschaftliche Fakultät, Biologie  


In the research group Tessellated Materials Systems (TMS), which is part of the cluster of excellence Matters of Activity, we investigate the transferability of biological tessellation systems into product strategies. In this context, we will explore the following questions with the X-Student Research Group: (1) How can we transfer biological findings into building culture and product design? (2) How can bio-inspired design and research methods be taught in an interdisciplinary context? With this research project we address Bachelor and Master students from Biology and Comparative Morphology, Product- and Textile-Design, and Architecture. Students will get an overview of the current state of bio-inspired research and learn how biological systems are studied qualitatively and quantitatively. We will produce prototypes and models that will be presented in an exhibition.



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