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Territories of medecinal plants in time of multiple crises

Dr. Jonas Aubert Nchoundoungam, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Geographie 


This study project provide a comprehensive understanding of the territories of medicinal plants in the context of multiple crises, encouraging participants to explore sustainable practices, advocate for conservation, and contribute to the future of medicinal plant use by engaging with real-world case studies and innovative solutions to contribute to the future resilience of medicinal plant territories Knowledge *Identification of key challenges faced by medicinal plant territories in times of crises *Recommendations for adaptive conservation strategies considering socio-economic  impacts and traditional knowledge systems Academic/Transferable Skills *Develop and critically reflect on research projects, enhancing analytical and research capabilities *Communicate and discuss crucial course concepts, and results effectively, refining communication skills Join us in this educational endeavor, where theory meets practice, and participants emerge as informed advocates and contributors to the evolving landscape of medicinal plant studies. 



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