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Public Memory: Rethinking the Future of Memory Spaces

Marla Heid, Freie Universität Berlin, Geschichte - Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut (WE 1) 


What significance do monuments hold, along with their underlying ideologies, stories, and the knowledge they convey, within our society? A critical examination of the existing narratives in public space raises the question of how we want to think about representation and portrayals of history — its personalities, events, and experiences — in the future. How do we want to remember, and more importantly, what? Starting from here, we aim to explore artistic methods and strategies that question the structure of the monument per se and ask how art in public space can encounter history and collective memory. Through artistic impulses and exemplary artworks, as well as excursions in Berlin, discussions, and exchanges with artists and organizations, we want to develop proposals that embrace innovative conceptual and design ideas to remember and represent (historical) events. The project is open to students from all disciplines. A basic knowledge of public art is preferable. Active participation is required.



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