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Map your brain in 3D

Miro Grundei, Timo Torsten Schmidt, Freie Universität Berlin, Psychologie


The goal of the project is to make the process of creating a 3D model of individual anatomical brain scans accessible for anyone. Such models could be used in teaching as well as medical education. The students will acquire structural MR images by participation in ongoing neuroimaging studies at the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience Berlin (CCNB). These images will be processed using state of the art analysis pipelines of neuroscience research (e.g., FSL, SPM, fMRIprep) and transformed into a printable 3D-model. All analyses scripts for optimized processing will be made available according to the best practices of Open Science. The completion of the course will give the participants the chance hold a 3D printed model of their own brain in their hands.  This course aims at Master students with a background in neuroscience and a basic understanding of neuroimaging data and their processing. Prior experience with (1) Git and/or Docker, (2) Programming (e.g., Matlab, Python) or (3) 3D-printer (e.g., Meshlab software, hardware) are helpful.  Day: Thursday Time: 14-16h Location: JK 25/021f Rhythm: Weekly First session: 18.04.2024



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