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Critical Agrarian Studies and Technological Change– Theory, Methods, and Practice

Miriam Boyer, Sarah Hackfort, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Agrar- und Gartenbauwissenschaften 


The bioeconomy is a political project seeking to transform the economy using biogenic resources from agriculture, forestry and rural areas via the widespread use of high technologies. The seminar focuses on the bioeconomy’s use of such technologies through the lens of Critical Agrarian Studies (CAS). CAS is a field that challenges modernization theory, dominant development frameworks as well as the logic of established economic and power structures regarding agrarian issues. In this seminar, students will work in teams of two to carry out a technology-related research project throughout the semester. In addition to gaining familiarity with CAS and bioeconomy debates, students are exposed to qualitative research methodologies, will sharpen their argumentative and critical thinking skills and gather some experience in collecting and analyzing data. MA and early PhDs in Ag. Economics, social sciences, INRM, IMRD, Geography or similar disciplines are welcome.



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