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What should be urgently considered when submitting contributions?

A short abstract (max. 2,500 characters, including spaces) must be submitted to present the conference contribution. The following notes provide more detailed information on what to look for in this abstract.

Specific for short contributions, for posters and for media/artistic/creative contributions

The abstract should clearly state what the specific research question or topic is, why the question or topic is relevant, what the process or design of the research project was, what methodology was used, what results were (or are expected to be) obtained, and what possible follow-up questions arise from the student research project.

Specific to workshops

The abstract should clearly state what the problem of the workshop is, why this problem is relevant, what the goal of the workshop is, to what extent a cross-disciplinary dialogue can be initiated, how the workshop is structured, and what methods are used.

Cross-cutting for all contributions

Since the 7th Conference on Student Research - like its predecessors - is interdisciplinary in nature, the abstract should be understandable to those outside the discipline. It should be clear what contribution the student research project can make to science or even to societal challenges. And, of course, it would be desirable if the paper were accessible to as broad an audience as possible, i.e., also of interest to other students or to a public outside the discipline.

Formal Instructions: The abstract can be a maximum of 2,500 characters long (including spaces). Literature references and citations are not necessary.