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BUA Certificate Programs

BUA Certificate Programs are interdisciplinary module packages with at least 15 and up to 30 credit points. As a student of a BUA partner, you have the opportunity to set individual focal points on global social challenges as part of your studies.  

Offer in the summer semester 2023 

Starting in spring 2023, the Berlin University Alliance is going to open the BUA Certificate Program Ethics, the first interdisciplinary module package for students of the four alliance partners.  

From the ethics of artificial intelligence to bioethics, medical ethics, and technology assessment, students from all disciplines have the possibility to choose from a diverse range of courses on ethics and social responsibility. The certificate program was developed under the leadership of the Technische Universität Berlin with the participation of scientists from the BUA partners. 

BUA students can optionally follow up the basic certificate with 18 credit points with an advanced certificate and acquire a total of up to 30 credit points.  

For more information, see BUA Certificate Program Ethics.