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Research Integrity in Practice

Mar 27, 2024 | 02:00 PM s.t.

Presentation at the online colloquium of the Advancing Research Quality and Value focus area of the Berlin University Alliance.

In the March session of the Colloquium, Dr. Daniel Pizzolato from the European Network of Research Ethics Committee (EUREC) will discuss research integrity issues and in particular the practical applicability of existing recommendations, toolkits and trainings to promote research integrity at the individual and institutional level, such as those developed in the EU-funded SOPs4RI and VIRT2UE projects. The session will be moderated by Dr. Tamarinde Haven (Tilburg University) and will be held in English.

The colloquium is aimed at scientists of all status groups and interested parties from all scientific and non-scientific fields. The colloquium is organized as part of Objective 3: Advancing Research Quality and Value. It always takes place on the last Wednesday of the month from 14:00 to 15:30.


Nele Hofmann

Berlin University Alliance

Coordinator Research Quality

Objective – Advancing Research Quality and Value


Time & Location

Mar 27, 2024 | 02:00 PM s.t.



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