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How to preserve data in a monolingual environment. Introducing the project Closing the Gap in Non-Latin Script Data

Feb 14, 2024

Workshop to be held at the Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg Carl von Ossietzky. 

The research project Closing the Gap in Non-Latin-Script Data (based at the Freie Universität Berlin), in cooperation with the Referat für Digitale Forschungsdienste at the SUB Hamburg, has been conducting a survey and analysis of the field of Digital Humanities with a focus on low-resource and non-Latin-script (NLS) languages. The aim is to identify technical and structural limitations that may arise across various stages of projects working with such languages, particularly in terms of data analysis and sustainable data preservation.

The goal of this workshop is twofold. First, members of the Closing the Gap team will present some of the data that the project has collected and the workflows that have been developed, as well as preliminary insights from this research—thereby providing an overview of challenges that are commonly faced in multilingual DH. Second, the workshop is intended to create a space for open discussion and exchange of ideas among DH practitioners, librarians, and others who are interested in improving the conditions for working with NLS textual data.

Registration by mail to: forschungsdienste@sub.uni-hamburg.de