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Colloquium of the Objective 3

Sep 28, 2022 | 02:00 PM

Open Science at the Berlin University Alliance - 10 strategic goals until 2030

Preparations for an Open Science Strategy for the Berlin University Alliance have been underway since 2021. It is intended to build on the existing activities, policies and initiatives of the alliance partners and to support, network and expand them. We understand Open Science as a collective term for various open practices in science, from Open Access, Open Data, Open Source/Hardware, and Open Educational Resources to the inclusion of non-academic researchers and Open Innovation. In this colloquium, Dr. Stefan Skupien, scientific coordinator for Open Science in the Berlin University Alliance's Objective 3 - Advancing Research Quality and Value, will present the status quo of the strategy, which was jointly shaped in a consultation process through focus group interviews and an Open Space conference in July. The goal of the colloquium is to present the first draft of the strategy and its 10 goals in more detail and to discuss them in more detail.


The colloquium addresses scientists of all status groups as well as interested people from all scientific and non-scientific areas. The session will be held in German.


Interested parties can register for the online colloquium by email: nele.albrecht@berlin-university-alliance.de. The meeting link will be sent one week prior to the colloquium.


The colloquium is organized within the framework of Objective 3: Advancing Research Quality and Value. It always takes place on the last Wednesday of the month from 14:00 to 15:30.




Nele Albrecht

Berlin University Alliance

Scientific Coordinator Research Quality

Objective - Advancing Research Quality and Value

Phone: +49 (0)172 / 518 23 74

E-mail: nele.albrecht@berlin-university-alliance.de