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Established researchers

Selected offers, among others valuable networking opportunities, support researchers on their way to a professorship

Selected offers, among others valuable networking opportunities, support researchers on their way to a professorship

Discover what the Berlin University Alliance has to offer for advanced postdocs, junior research group leaders, and junior professors.

Leadership Certificate for Junior Professors and Junior Research Group Leaders

Target Group: Junior professors and junior research group leaders from the partner institutions

As soon as you are asked to lead a small team for the first time, you are faced with the task of defining your own leadership role and using it effectively. Leadership must be learned – that's why Technische Universität Berlin offers a two-stage leadership certificate as part of the Berlin Leadership Academy.

Peer Mentoring Program for Tenure Track Professors

Target Group: tenure-track professors

The Federal and State Tenure Track Program (WISNA Program) allowed for the establishment of 1,000 new tenure track professorships in Germany. All four partner institutions were successful in the competition for these professorships and have started to develop the format further.

Now there is a great peer mentoring program that accompanies the funded scientists on their way to a long-term professorship. Why is this necessary? While the 79 new tenure track professors can enjoy a high degree of autonomy, they must also meet challenging goals to successfully pass the tenure review. This is where the Tenure Track Peer Mentoring Program comes in: it creates a network between the new professors, enabling them to share ideas about the tenure track professorship career path and to support each other in the face of challenges.

"ProFiL Programme" for Female Researchers Pursuing a Professorship

Target Groups: scholars with a habilitation, habilitation candidates, junior professors, leaders of junior research groups, postdocs

The established, inter-university program "ProFiL. Professionalisation of Women in Research and Teaching: Mentoring – Training – Networking" has been very successfully promoting highly qualified female researchers pursuing a professorship since 2004, preparing them for the leadership and management tasks of a professorship. Through the Berlin University Alliance, ProFiL was significantly expanded and now offers its program in English for international researchers as well.